Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Most Danios are very hardy, excellent aquarium fish. They are members of the Cyprinidae family, which includes barbs, sharks and rasboras.. Their native habitat is Southwest Asia where they often inhabit swift moving streams. We normally stock several species of danios.

General Care of Danios

Hobbyist Level: Most danios are very hardy and are good choices for beginners

Housing: They do well in planted tanks and like to swim in groups It is best to purchase them in groups of 4 or more. The more swimming room they have the better they look. (Temp 72-80)(pH- 6.8-7.6)

Tankmates: Keep them with other active fish of similar size. Some good tankmates include mollies, swordtails, black tetras, bloodfin tetras, rasboras, gouramis, white clouds, barbs, corydoras catfish, They like to swim in groups. They are not aggressive but their quick movements can intimidate shy, slow moving fish.

The giant danio is very active and can be mixed with larger fish. Keep them in groups and you can mix them with larger gouramis, barbs, severum cichlids, kribenis cichlids, and other mild-mannered cichlids.

Feeding Danios will accept a wide variety of foods. Feed flakes, bloodworms, small pellets, Feed small amounts 2-3 times a day.

Breeding: Danios are easy to breed. Males chase the female and they scatter eggs among plants.

Natural Range; Southeat Asia. All of the danios we sell are domestically bred.

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