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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


General: These are social bottom dwelling fish which inhabit the bottom of the tank. Most loaches have tiny spines directly underneath their eyes.

Housing: The tank should contain plenty of rocks, and plants as they like to hide during the day. Maintain good filtration and frequent partial water. Water movement via power filters or a powerhead is enjoyed. Many loaches will jump so maintain a tight cover. Temperature 76-82 degree.

Feed a variety of flakes, small pellets, frozen and freeze-dried foods. Sinking catfish pellets are recommended. Live or frozen bloodworms are readily accepted.

Tank Mates: Most loaches will get along with other fish of similar size. Some are territorial, but do not cause trouble. Many of them are more active and night, and like to hide during the day.

Snail Control:
Clown loaches and botias will eat small snails.

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